Astrology related to pregnancy

ability to get pregnant – a pregnancy horoscope can help you with this.
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If there are any challenges or difficulties regarding the marriages or education of children, they will be happily resolved during this year and worries will be removed. You will feel light-hearted. You will also be able to spend more for the happiness of family and children. For Capricorn natives, the year from the Family and Child point of view is not good or smooth.

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The difference of opinion may happen between you and your family members. This difference may even create a friction between you and your family members says your Capricorn Family and Child Horoscope Peace of the family may remain disrupted. But the atmosphere in the family will be harmonious. The year will show some adverse time for you from the family point of view.

Horoscope Saturn is looking at the position of the family. The family will have quarrelsome surrounding.

The Astrology of Pregnancy - Astrodienst

Dispute situation will be there with the family for minor matters. If we talk about your family, it is a good time for family if it is influential and wealthy, joy-happiness will be maintained in the family, new members will be added in the family, and married people could carry out their plans about having a child during this year as per the Pisces Family And Child Horoscope There are good planetary positions for a child during this year.

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Family And Child Horoscope Overall rating: 4 out of 5 5 based on reviews. Life Meter Know the percentages of different aspects of your physical and mental state. The lagna at the time of conception is called Adana lagna which rules the sensitive eighth month of a pregnancy. If the conception takes place when adana lagna is afflicted, it causes miscarriage and severe problems during pregnancy period. The horoscope of both the partners should be analysed for couples facing problems in childbirth.

The presence of pitr dosha relating to childbirth causes delays and even after medical treatment, the result is negative.

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How to Predict Childbirth

Every month, the sun and moon will be apart in the same number of degrees as it was during your birth for a mere two hours. Within these two hours, your fertility is heightened and you should try conception within this period as your chances of getting pregnant would be higher. Do You Have Good Karma? Try The Karma Quiz Now!! There is also a belief in astrology that your fertility is heightened during the time when the alignment and phase of the moon is the same as it was on the date and time of your birth. This is similar to the first tip stated above, but it regards the phase of the moon aside from its alignment and its angular relationship with the sun.

Again, to get hold of information regarding this, you need only to refer to an astrology calendar which is available for access online. Another belief states that a woman is most fertile when the new moon surfaces during the water signs Pisces, Scorpio, and most especially, Cancer. This means that in a single year, you can experience two weeks of heightened fertility three times.

In this year , the new moon for these signs surface during: March 1 to 7 for Pisces, June 27 to July 4 for Cancer, and October 23 to 29 for Scorpio. Take note of these dates — within these days you have higher chances of getting pregnant! What Color Matches Your Personality? Try The Quiz Now!! There are also astrology practitioners who believe that a woman should try conception during the same period date and time that she was born. However, to increase chances of conceiving a child, the solar alignment should be exactly the same as when she was born on the period that she tries conception.

Follow Auspicious Dates: Every year, there are auspicious or lucky days. Fertility is also believed to be heightened during these days; just as much as these dates bring good luck to love and family, which is why auspicious days are sought after dates for weddings. During these days a woman should attempt conception with an increased luck.

Garbhadhan (astrology)

Different lists of auspicious dates for this year could be freely accessed online — so mark your calendars! Test Now! Getting pregnant, for some, sure is a real challenge. As with a lot of troubles you would want to get rid of, never forget to look towards the stars — a little astrology might just do the trick!

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